(un)common ground

a commonplace book

Goodness ≠ Genuineness

People, and women, are capable of genuinely consenting to things you don’t approve of. It doesn’t have to be ‘good’ to be genuine.

Brienne of Snarth (@femme_esq) in a tweet from July 29, 2015

The tweet struck me as summing up a thought that had kept recurring to me, particularly in terms of being irritated at ideological discourse concerning homosexuality. While, as a Christian, I am compelled not to approve of homosexual behavior, I am also compelled to view a given person–homosexual or whatever–as a whole, complex, emotional, influenced human being. Just like me.

The tweet’s second sentence is particularly what hit me. Yes, there are millions (billions? Who’s to say?) of “genuine” people in the world who do thing that others find repulsive or just wrong but with what to them are good intentions. While this doesn’t necessarily absolve people, it’s not a fact that I can dispose of, particularly in the way that I perceive them and talk about them. It seems to me to result in a compulsion to a certain mindful compassion. An opposing reaction to this may be that primacy of law, which, while I cannot argue against the primacy itself, nevertheless abstracts people in terms of that law, which means a black-and-white evaluation of people as right or wrong; further, this evaluation is usually imperfect, seeing as some people end up being, practically, more black/white than others.


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