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5 Habits of Depolarizing People

1. Criticize from within (“In other words, criticize the other—whether person, group, or society—on the basis of something you have in common.”) 2. Look for goods in conflict (“Some conflicts … Continue reading

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The Invisibility of Our Assumptions

The sneaky thing about assumptions is that they inform our way of thinking without letting on that they are doing so. Jenny Davis, “The Kids Are Alright,” Cyborgology, Jan. 7, 2016 … Continue reading

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A Helpful Guide to: Ideology, Discourse, Hegemony

johnnyunger: thothofnorth: adailyriot: Definitions of Ideology A mistaken interpretation of how the world actually is A body of ideas characteristic of a particular social group or class Ideas that help … Continue reading

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The Non-communication of Commonplaces

When you transmit a ‘received idea,’ it’s as if everything is set, and the problem solves itself. … The exchange of commonplaces is communication with no content other than the … Continue reading

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Goodness ≠ Genuineness

People, and women, are capable of genuinely consenting to things you don’t approve of. It doesn’t have to be ‘good’ to be genuine. Brienne of Snarth (@femme_esq) in a tweet from … Continue reading

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