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The Right (Hi)story

As Alun Munslow has suggested, in a post-modern world we must accept that we cannot hope to really know the past: all we are really doing is considering a number … Continue reading

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Using the Present to Inform the Past

Many of our favorite heroes, cities, and empires were guilty of crimes that would comfortably fit into the rhetoric of an ISIS or into the strategy of an Assad. Simon … Continue reading

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History and Reality

Time capsules are about futurity, about our sincere belief that we author our own present by providing the future with the means to author its past. Erik Rangno, “The Paradox … Continue reading

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Franklin’s Speculation about the Future of U.S. Democracy

…and there is no form of government but what may be a blessing to the people, if well administered; and I believe, farther that this [new American government] is likely … Continue reading

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