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Author: Regulator of the Fictive

[S]ince the eighteenth century, the author has played the role of the regulator of the fictive; a role quite characteristic of our era of industrial and bourgeois society, of individualism … Continue reading

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The Internet, Causality and Interiority

Thoughts are bigger than the things that deliver them. Our contraptions may shape our consciousness, but it is our consciousness that makes our credos, and we mostly live by those. … Continue reading

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Comments of Perpetual Malice

Thus the limitless malice of Internet commenting: it’s not newly unleashed anger but what we all think in the first order, and have always in the past socially restrained if … Continue reading

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The clear distinction between the on and offline, between human and technology, is queered beyond tenability. …We have come to understand more and more of our lives through the logic … Continue reading

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Ideological Technology

The Internet, like so much technology, is an ideological technology. The way our technology operates tells us the ways it’s creators think technology and THE WORLD can or should operate. … Continue reading

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