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Spectacle Rules Cable News

To the cable news camera, structural oppression is harder to capture than a burning cop car. Spectacle still rules cable news. Alex Pareene, “Cable News Charnel,” The Baffler, 2015 Notes: This … Continue reading

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Reportage as Social Construction

The news, the incidents and accidents of everyday life, can be loaded with political or ethnic significance liable to unleash strong, often negative feelings, such as racism, chauvinism, the fear-hatred … Continue reading

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Simple to Cover

[TV news sees the world] as a series of apparently absurd stories that all end up looking the same, endless parades of poverty-stricken countries, sequences of events that, having appeared … Continue reading

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TV News and Day-to-day Thinking

This inattention to nuance [in television journalism] both repeats and reinforces the structural amnesia induced by day-to-day thinking and by the competition that equates what’s important with what’s new–the scoop. … Continue reading

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