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Enlightened Violence: The West’s Contradictory Legacy

When we marshal big arguments about the West’s superior economic performance, and build these arguments upon an account of the West’s allegedly superior institutions like private-property rights, lean government, and … Continue reading

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Reasoning vs. Rationalization

People don’t generally engage in moral reasoning…but moral rationalization: they begin with the conclusion, coughed up by an unconscious emotion, and then work backward to a plausible justification. Steven Pinker, … Continue reading

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Notes on Interchangeability of Perspective in Morality

[T]he interchangeability of perspectives keeps reappearing in history’s best-thought-through moral philosophies, including the Golden Rule (itself discovered many times); Spinoza’s Viewpoint of Eternity; the Social Contract of Hobbes, Rousseau and … Continue reading

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What Is Moral Reflection?

If moral reflection consists in seeking a fit between the judgments we make and the principles we affirm, how can such reflection lead us to justice, or moral truth? Even … Continue reading

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