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Clocks Materialize the Work Ethic

[C]locks restructured work habits by materializing the ethic of time thrift, setting a clear demarcation between ‘work’ and ‘life’ and reminding workers of their tasks. … The clock’s ubiquity legitimized … Continue reading

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Time Thrift and Work Ethic

The attempt to tame the body of its unprofitable tendency to tire began [in the sixteenth century] as an effort to make ‘saving time’ a moral issue. … Moralists urged … Continue reading

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Work Ethic as Ideology

Thus we now have in the U.S. a bizarre “work ethic” according to which we are supposed to work very long hours, very intensely, making maximum dollars (the premium is … Continue reading

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Capitalism Isn’t Designed for Loyalty

The takeaway here: loyalty doesn’t exist in a capitalist economic system. Erik Devaney, “When Did Passion Become Mandatory?: The Case for Separation of Work and Love,” Medium.com Notes On the … Continue reading

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